Friends Means Friends

by Expiration Date

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Webster defines friends as people whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection. At the beginning of writing this album, that was just about what we would all define friends as, too. But then tragedy struck, again and again and again. And that "bond of mutual affection" became so much more than words could ever describe. We were all in so much pain, but we were in pain together. Friends means going through it together.

In the past year since Not Even Close, we've done more maturing than most people do in years. We've grown up, musically and mentally, together. Some of us feel that our childhood is over now, and we've crossed that daunting threshold into adulthood. The thing that makes us so lucky? We stepped through that doorway together. Friends means growing up together.

People sometimes call us musicians. Or singers, guitarists, bassists, or drummers. But at the bottom of all of the titles and labels, we are creators. We create music. We create a certain progression of English words that make people feel something. We create the bruises that people walk out of the pit with. We create the sore throats that people wake up with the day after a show. Friends means creating together.

People will always have problems with what we're doing, and that's okay. People will always try to tear us down, but we'll stand tall. And yes, it is true that we stand a little taller behind a microphone, or with a guitar in our hands. But we stand tall, and that's what matters. We will never split up, never let them win. Because we deserve each other. Friends means sticking together.

Despite everything, we find ourselves smiling in each other's company. We find ourselves laughing so hard that there's no noise coming out of our smiles. We sing until our voices are gone, we run until our legs collapse, we play until our fingers bleed, and we talk until we're sick of each other. We have the best and worst of times together, because we are inseparable. Because we are friends.
And friends means friends.


released March 16, 2017

Vocals- Seth Villaescusa
featuring Brie Ritter and friends
Guitars- Joseph Perez, Noah Stoupe
Bass-Sirena Contreras
Drums- Cole Morgan

Recorded/ Mixed/ Mastered by Matt Aldawood
poise- Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Shea Moore



all rights reserved


Expiration Date Phoenix, Arizona

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Track Name: Parker
The thorns in my throat don't give me comfort anymore
I'm not the same kid you saw lying on the bathroom floor
I'm a lost cause with a fatal flaw
A self destructive attitude because I'm stuck in the fall

I never thought I'd get this low chasing my past and not thinking about tomorrow
But what's new about me
I don't want to be happy
A year from now I'll just be the same
I'm contradicting

I'm no melodic writer
Just a boy with a pen and a lighter
And I can't call myself a man
But I love for who I am
Track Name: Trophy
You throw me on the shelf
And cake me with dust like the trophy you made me
You laugh while I melt into the concrete while you invalidate me

This is where our story has to end
Don't even write an epilogue

You told me to swallow your hot iron ink when you don't even know that you can't save me
Track Name: Sticks & Stones
I never thought of you as my home
I only count the times that I got thrown
I might as well be sleeping with my teeth on this street
Kick me in maybe it's a promise you can keep

Why does it take
Looking down a barrel of a gun to say
I don't need you
I ran into traffic
Screaming your name
But what am I supposed to do

You're a lie
You're my worn out pride
And now I can't even look myself in the eye

You've got a choice to make but I am not an option
And I'm never coming back

And I'm not the boy you met 4 years ago but you're the same mess you made on my wall

Your teeth can sink into my skin
But they'll never break my bones
And you hurt like shit but I guess this is progress but you never listened so I guess you'll never know

I left my trust at your front door she said " this isn't your home anymore"
I guess this is progress working at its best
Track Name: Under My Skin
All I know is this vacant home
And the way you waved your hair like you don't care so now I'm letting go
If you think that your all alone why don't you find out where you went wrong, was it kissing the boy or never wanting to pick up the god damn phone ?
The only thing that you deserve if a cold loud verse telling you how I feel when I feel alone
You are a sudden storm
You're every sleepless night
You were every thorn that made me feel alright but now you're just another fight

The answer exists in simple lies or a locked up or a locked up door or wishful eyes
I know it's something to hard for you to realize
One day I'll laugh about this
While you're still stubborn trying to find anyway to get under my skin
You made it under my skin

She said "this isn't your home and neither am I"

You think you can walk all over me because I took the blame while you don't even know you're just a name
In a book that I fill with all of my shame
Don't feel special
Don't act perfect
You're a faded photo with no frame
I'm over it
I'm done with feeling alone
I'm nothing the boy that called you my home
And I felt the shame I felt like I couldn't be sane
I called and called I got no answer
I wanted to be happy you wanted more
I gave you all
You took it

Friends means friends
But a friend ain't a bottle
No a friend ain't a bottle
And if you want to come back home then turn the fuck around because you don't own this town
So tell me that I'm wrong, but don't come back in the fall
Because I ain't your friend
And I can't fix you
I'm not a hospital

Friends means friends